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Team YCBC Enterprises LTD is a Limited liability family business who proudly own and operate Cover Pro and other up and coming business. 

Our name’s are Brett Cole & Yvonne Cole, we and we are the sole directors and shareholders of Team YCBC Enterprises, we both have always been passionate about business and entrepreneurship.  

Brett comes from a banking financial back ground, and Yvonne has been involved with the business psychology sector working with NZ companies.

Our goal is to offer new products and services that support many New Zealanders and also people around the world.

We stand by our ideas and products and service's we provided, and always offer great back up thanks to our great network and systems we work with.  

If you have any questions about our systems please make contact with us.

Our New Zealand Company Number: 5196522, we also are registered for GST.


Brett Cole & Yvonne Cole

Team YCBC Enterprises LTD

Cover Pro is a trading name of: Team YCBC Enterprises Ltd

Find Us At Our Registered Office:

222 Milson Line
Palmerston North 4414

New Zealand

Tel: 0275094743
Mail: info@coverpro.co.nz

Web www.coverpro.co.nz