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Welcome to the Inflatable Cricket Air Roller - Used by sports stadium

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Welcome to the Inflatable Cricket Air Roller - Used by sports stadium's and cricket club's to roll up, and unroll cricket wicket covers.

Cover Pro was founded in 2014 by a cricketer and part time grounds man and cricket club manager, who was not satisfied with the time and man power required just to put on cricket covers and take them off.  

The Air Roller idea began subject to a matter one day when 8 - 10 cricket club members were all trying their best to hold onto large cricket covers in heavy wind to prevent them from blowing onto the main road next to the cricket ground.  

Brett Cole one of the directors of Cover Pro thought there must be an easier way,  And one year latter his cricket club had the 1st Air Roller produced now with one club member in his late 60's rolling the covers in and out all by him self. 

Cover Pro have challenged long held assumptions about sports surface covering and have developed and put together a great range of proven products as a result, working on new products to offer very soon.

Cover Pro is a New Zealand based company with the vision of being a NZ leader in sports surface protection offering superior service and reliable product solutions. Cover Pro are committed to customer service, product innovation and full product support. The quality of workmanship and dependable warranties has made Cover Pro the preferred choice of groundskeepers within New Zealand and the world.

Cover Pro Protection systems  have been designed to fit almost any sized outdoor sporting venue regardless of the sport or surface, so whether you’re looking to protect natural grass or synthetic, a training ground or stadium, Cover Pro has it covered!.  Specializing in the supply and pitch protection systems to protect sports fields from rain frost and snow.

Similar products to cover pro are being used and recognized as the most effective pitch protection system in the world and are being used in many of Europe’s most prestigious stadiums, so games and events are not being cancelled due to weather and dry conditions offering a much better game to view or event to be part of.


Cover pro products are a cost effective solution help to decrease game and event postponements and limit required man power.

We are constantly working on and evolving our products to combat the unpredictable weather.


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